Dear Guests,

Although we are operating as normal until told differently, we ask all guests who come
aboard to exercise common sense behavior during this Covid-19 virus "Coronavirus"
outbreak. We don't agree with or endorse a cavalier attitude about the situation. Things are
changing daily.

Until further notice:

-As per the Governors orders, we will not accept recent out of state travelers (air or car)
aboard the vessel as you will need to self quarantine. If you have escaped your home state's
lockdown, you are putting our people at risk.

-As of Sunday March 22nd, we are suspending all 4 hour "Half Day" sails. Only our 2.5 hour
"1/4 Day" sails and sunsets will be available.

-Please try your best to social distance yourself from the crew and other guests as much as

-Please refrain from shaking hands or asking your crew members to take pictures with your

-Please wash your hands after using our fully functional restroom "head". Gentlemen,
please hit your target so your fluids aren't exposing the crew to unnecessary risk from clean
up. Crazy I have to ask that.

-Till further notice, No food can be consumed aboard. Drinks (bottles and cans) are OK. You
will need to tend to and remove your own trash. Carry on/Carry off.

-No tours of the boat's cabin will be allowed. Restroom only.

-Conch shell blowing at sunset has been eliminated for now.

We have always done and will continue to keep the vessel as clean and wiped down as
possible before and after sails.  As long as we practice these common sense actions, we are
good to go.

Fair Winds,

Capt Dan & Dianne
March 22nd, 2020
April 2nd, 2020

Due to Florida Governor Desantis's order, as of 12:01am on Friday April
3rd, all non-essential workers are asked to stay home for at least 30
days. We will reevaluate the situation in early May and see what we are
allowed to do. We hope to be sailing with you soon. See you on the
other side of this global pandemic. Check back often for updates.

Fair Winds,
Capt Dan & Dianne