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First Mate Dianne
Dianne holds a ICTA Travel Career Development Certificate (Travel
Agent) and worked for Continental Airlines for 13 years inside the
airport at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Before moving
to Fort Myers, to take over Magic Wind Adventure Sailing with Dan,
she was the Assistant to the Director of Ground Operations at
Continental. For the first 3+ years in Fort Myers, Dianne worked for
Sanibel Moorings on Sanibel Island as a reservationist.  In 2013,
she started managing the couples second business, Jet Boat Fun,
for the next 2 years before they sold that boat in order to focus
solely on the sailing business as a husband and wife team.
Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Dianne always had a passion for the
water...either in it or on it. Her favorite activity is getting carded
when purchasing alcohol.

Captain Dan
Capt. Dan holds a Master Merchant Mariner Certificate with Sailing
and Towing endorsements. Before moving to Fort Myers, to take
over Magic Wind Adventure Sailing with Dianne, he was a local
truck driver logging over 1 million miles from age 19-32 driving
"every kinda rig that's ever been made"
(Little Feet song 'Willin').
Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Dan and his family always enjoyed
boating on Lake Erie and other inland lakes. Like most people
raised around power driven vessels, he originally thought sailors
were a "Bunch of weirdos" who went out when the weather was
getting too rough. Dan and Dianne, who have been together since
high school (1994), found their love for sailing when they attached
a sailing rig to a 14' canoe they had. Dianne told the Captain that
paddling was "stupid", which immediately got the gears turning in
Dan's head. After some research on the web, Dan found that
sailing canoes are a thing. While building the rig, Dianne and Dan
watched sailing instruction videos from the library and read some
books on sailing. The first day out after a long winter, the wind
pulled the sails on that canoe and the two were hooked! They
immediately started buying and sailing bigger boats until the
opportunity knocked to buy Magic Wind Adventure Sailing in 2009
after sailing aboard Star of Orion during a visit to Fort Myers. They
sold their beloved Ohio home which they built together, Dan
completed Captain's School, and the pair moved to Fort Myers in
late 2009 after quitting their jobs. Their love of sailing continues.
Dan's favorite activity is watching Dianne get carded when
purchasing alcohol.