Star of Orion sails with a minimum of 2 passengers and a maximum of 6.
Price is per person and all inclusive of taxes and fees. Reservations Required- Please call or Book Online
Packages and Charters
Sunset Cruise*
Unavailable June 1-Sept 30 (Storm Season)
2.5 hours
$75 per person
Includes bottled water
1/4 Day Sail*
2.5 hours
$65 per person
Includes bottled water
1/2 Day Sail
4 hours
$100 per person
Includes bottled water
Private Sunset Sail 1- 5 persons
Unavailable June 1-Sept 30 (Storm Season)
2.5 hours
Includes bottled water
Private 1/4 day 1- 5 persons
2.5 hours
Includes bottled water
Private 1/2 Day Sail 1- 5 persons
4 hours
Includes bottled water
Private Full Day for up to 6
persons (Call for Availability)
7 hours
Includes bottled water
No matter what we believe in our perfect world, WEATHER HAPPENS. I watch the weather all the time and I pretty
much know what the next day will bring, but if you are visiting the area there are some general rules:

-Bare feet only. Boat shoes allowed during cooler weather only. Shoes will be collected at boat. Eagle talons will  
be photographed and documented.
-Small cooler. Soft sided preferred. Coffin sized coolers will be left at the dock. This is a sailboat, not a pontoon
-Bathing suit, great time to get a tan.
-Hat, sun screen & lip balm for extra sun protection (No Bronzers/Tanners-stains boat)
-Camera & binoculars, there's a lot of wildlife in our neck of the sea along with crazy boaters.
-Layer up, it can get cool in the evening's when the sun sets and the wind is in our sails.
-An open mind and a Spirit of adventure.
-Try not to bring expectations. The one thing to expect is a great time and memories you'll have forever.
-Please enjoy YOUR sail. Its not about us. Look at the horizon... try not to interrogate us so much. This is your
special time on the water. We'll answer questions all day, but don't forget about yourself!

I want to thank you in advance for your consideration whether you are visiting Fort Myers Beach for the first
time, or you vacation/live in the area. Star of Orion and I are excited about giving you a wonderful and
memorable time on the water. Together we will experience the life of sailing and playing with nature. It's truly the
place to be while in the area.
Call Capt. Dan and Dianne direct at:
(800) 975-5824 Toll Free

Once again, thank you and I'll see you when you get here.
Safe travels and fair winds. I'll wait for you on the dock.
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Private sails are for
1- 5 persons who
would like to sail
without others
aboard the boat. A
group of 6 fills the
boat to capacity and
NOT qualify for
the private price.
"Captain Dan. Is
this too big?"
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