Captains Log
Jun 15, 2018
Summer is here. Bring on the heat!  We are currently in our summer weather pattern and only
offer morning sails. Trust me, you don't want to be on the water after 1pm due to the heat and
the violent thunderstorms that pop up each afternoon and evening. 10am-12:30pm is a perfect
summer sail.
Last year we had all the standing rigging replaced on Star of Orion. Irma put a little delay on it,
but its done. Star is nearly 20 years old now and it was time to redo the rigging. With her new
motor and new rig, she's practically a new boat. When booking a charter here at Fort Myers
Beach, be sure to look at the choice of vessels. You'll pick ours every time. Trust me...
cleanest, newest, and most comfortable.
We offer online booking 24/7. Just click on the Book Now button and you will be looking at the
same calendar that I do. Just choose your tour, enter some info, and BAM!'re all done.
Just show up at the boat. I'll be there. If you really want to call me, feel free. Grab a small cooler
of adult beverages, lather on the sunscreen, and Let's Go Sailing!
We look forward to sailing with you and ask you to share your adventure with us. Let's catch the
wind, slice the water, chase some dolphins, and make some amazing memories together.
Marine life is everywhere to be seen.......and we love seeing it! Turtles are abundant as well as
dolphins, rays, and various birds. There's nothing better in this world then sailing a beautiful
sailboat on the Gulf of Mexico. Let's Go Sailing!!!

See you at the dock,
Captain Dan and Dianne Mendat

Or call Capt. Dan and Dianne direct at:
(800) 975-5824 Toll Free

Once again, thank you and I'll see you when you get here.
Safe travels and fair winds. I'll wait for you on the dock.
Captain Dan and Dianne Mendat
Magic Wind Adventure Sailing
Bob Bitchin and Captain Dan
at Miami Strictly Sail
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